Kali's sword - Ode to Kali Ma from Dance Circles Series, Erin Kathleen Muir, Charcoal on paper, 2014


“We do not inculcate or invoke the goddess, we ‘exist in’ the essences of the goddess as a natural birthright, be it variegated in ebb-and-flow availability with positive connection – always evolving ‘throughout’. The nature of the fabric is a universal state, collectively appreciative – Kali ma, Kuan Yin & Saraswati. I am naturally exuberant, daratos.”


Art School & Holistic Arts

Professional Studio Art Experiences with 10 established, popular classes across Ages in Creative Arts, Diploma of Art & Distance Courses, Expressive Soul, Holistic Programs,  and Good Vibrations Articles. Sienna Art Space is Home to Sapphire's Light, with Vibrational Healing and Soul-based Art Therapy. With Welcome to our Beautiful Community.


 Interviews and Art through Human Exploration.

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