Erin is known for her exquisite charcoals in pure form. Throughout her teaching period in 2014 - 2016 she created a series of short explorations as quick studies in willow, along with larger works for exhibition. Some are simple musings, others are support for navigations of philosophy through study personally and professionally. Erin works from life and visualisation, not photographs. Her portrait renditions are the only exception.


Erin's work and select creations from 2017, will surface for Spiritual Self & Soul Space 2018. Her explorations reflect work in practice across: installation, energy responses, written reflections, large portraits and watercolour abstractions. 

A Portfolio of Drawing Selections







Dance Circles







Dance is a meditative engagement of self realisation. The heart of the dancer, the movement of body and their energy as a transaction, is a cyclic display of connection to self and other. This state and formation of energy is like a mandalic, energetic exchange. I have drawn on my interest in dance forms across style and the interpretative responsivity to music. I have a stylistic interest in Flamenco, Bellydance forms and African dance. 


These artworks are homage to the dance itself and dancers in-tribe, showcasing the devotional aspect and connection. 


Stardust & Caravan of Objects







These works are inspired by the notion of passage and return. There is a cycle of self through this performative engagement of the soul we know as life's path. I was inspired by my own journey and have been influenced by Rumi's poetry and Gibran's The Prophet, as well as the universal symbols across time.


"We came whirling out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust. The stars made a circle and in the middle we dance"

                                                                                                     - Rumi




Exhibited as part of two solo exhibitions, Stardust & Caravan of Objects, at Bankstown Arts Centre - 2014 & 2015









Inner Dialogues







These drawings and short sketches reflect a diarisation of encounters with internal dialogues, both the waking dream, the nightmare and the experienced. What is life but an engagement of the ambient and matter, truth and the imaginary, fear and joy. The creation of our composite reality of spirit and physical is a part of these working - drawings. Being taken back to the story of the child and mind's play also find space here. The dream as a recording or journal also find presence along with the humour of self-talk through the encounter with objects that draw an association, fantasy or memory.

Selected works exhibited as part of solo exhibition,

Caravan of Objects, at Bankstown Arts Centre -  2015.








Chakra Analysis

These works track thoughts - becoming as an interconnected sequence of symbols that can only be unpacked by an untold story. The felt experience of navigating symbols and visualisation through daily life also takes form through a series of concept sketches. Everything has a vibration - every word, every act, and images hold space for feelings and experiences not yet explored. Art is potential energy and those visualisations precipitate those forces as a process and processing mechanism. 


Drawing on experiences and studies in Art Therapy and Metaphysics, I have looked at the vehicle of word and image in a different way to previous works. The images are quick outpourings without editing, and acknowledge spiritual guidance. Relationships reflect soul space in Psychic Empathy, that is,energetic resonance with another being, personal, animal.. I am more than my physical self.


The works represented here reflect a selection of exhibited works. Exhibited as part of solo exhibition, Starlight, at Bankstown Arts Centre.

An Excerpt


"There is a light phenomenon of the ascending-disappearing staircase in Darwin that I viewed during my trip to Bare Sand Island a few years back. This was a sublime experience that transcends the physical moment, because it is a moment of time with duration. Being pulled, being connected is an escape and an alliance with the light. It was something magical and got me thinking about ‘latency’ and the sensory of experience of light. Both the diffuse connection to infinity which is the horizon but also earth-sky relationships, including concepts of heaven and Starlight. It was such a beautiful moment in isolation and in many ways that duration of time, explored by Horsefield has become something that I am pondering in my own development professionally looking at things like transformative change, well being and emotion. At this small island, Flatback turtle mothers are tracked, along with their egg laying, a beautiful experience to watch. The babies are faced when hatched with the treacherous journey to the water – it is both a distance and adventure with imminent birdlife preying on food. If they are successful in reaching the water, the babies must fend for themselves within an aquatic environment filled with other species. It is quite a remarkable adventure for them to pursue the beginnings of their life in adversity without protection of their mother. Life experiences and protection is contextual – we live in a world that is difficult and beautiful, with empathy and apathy. My Starlight Exhibition last year was more about the subliminal nature of experience, experiencing through the unknown. This is a passage we all encounter through life with its ups and downs, but also connections that hold us and pull us through what is at times difficult and emotional."

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