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Pre-Exhibition - Soul Works

I’m sitting on my horse, with multidimensional experience, classical training, the wavelength of learn-ed teacher-perspectives and a willingness to explore all – in acknowledgement of my Empathy and the ‘ineffable’ quality of creative consciousness.

My Art isn’t just a creative lens for exploration of Spiritual Mindedness and belief setting for audience telling in Spiritual Self & Soul Space 2018, it’s more driven by a furthering of myself in the energy through ‘soul work’. I started out wanting to create more Charcoal Portraits, with respect for the connection of Spirit and families, but I’ve actually worked more on building on my relationships across more direct work, deconstructed dialogues and looking at the relationship to my own growth across healing. The therapeutic is actually in the learned requirement of Art Therapist & Vibrational Healing-Empath, looking at the role of channeling with audient and cross-skilling, and de-emphasising the role of psychology, giving relevance to dual-aspect for the needs-and-counselling of spirit beings, spirit loved ones, as I passage through my own growing understanding and them offering equal support and advice. All of my works have giving- honesty, an often personal framework sometimes misunderstood for the naïve longing to be heard or supported. In the thick of my Empathy, that is fluid terrain, I’ve always found resilience and a survivalist ‘happy nature’. The propelling engineof some works is actually ‘teaching-energy’, and a soul-yearning to surface the qualities of experience of one kind of Intuitive functioning across planes, dissolving debris quietly and energetically with art and holistic healing. I am also navigating interesting terrain whereby ‘empathic channel’ surfaces an insight into how creativity may be understood – with co-relation, entanglement, and co-elescing energy from other people on the physical plane.

Creativity is at the heart of Spirituality, as is our navigation responses with human-centred relationships – the self, sub-cultural and more collective dynamics ‘in’ the diversity. As an Empath I experience the ‘spaces’ of others and some of my work picks up on that consciousness, acknowledging past-life awarenesses and guides all with cultural heritage and energy vibrations evolving with individual, collective experiences. I look forward to developing more work in that cross-cultural awareness, giving sensitivity to both traditional stream and union, as well as cross-referential qualities as common-ground.

A sample of works coming up:

[Pictured] ‘Land Symbol’, Pastel & Gouache on paper, 2018 looking at Earth Shamanism and followed by consecutive works in linear willow charcoal, working with Hainu, my soul guide and Paratoma, guiding teacher. These preliminary works and Power Animal – Initiation sketches, give an awareness to level-focus for trajectories and artistic-scope in Healing Counselling and also Animal Works.

[Not Pictured] ‘Untitled (Duck Sauce Parables & Other Energetic Soup),

Gouache and watercolour text on paper, 2018, an Excerpt from ‘Duck Sauce Parables & Other Energetic Soup’. ...The Duck in me sees the Duck in you, such is my preference for ‘maintaining light’ befitting territory of no absolute truths proven in Faith, Psychology and Institutional dynamics.


A Couple of Retrospective works on Passage and Key moments in my own spiritual space. Included on show will be a print of: [Pictured] ‘Kali's sword - Ode to Kali Ma’ from Dance Circles Series, Charcoal on paper, 2014. Damaged in 2014 and never shown in a gallery setting, the nature of the work gives surface to energy experiences at the time, not directly related to dance or Kali, but I won’t underplay the nature of ‘turning points’ brought about as a understanding thereafter. Kali in divine mother aspect was responded to, recollecting a slow sword dance in Global Gypsie format, performed in a troupe and giving visual to ‘change elements’ inherent in choreography, complemented by musical chant and the powerful arrangement of slow guiding forces in unison.


Willow charcoal has long been a part of my art, along with other traditional and approaches including medias: watercolour, , soft pastel and oils. I enjoy working directly from nature, constructed from still life and the imagination, and working with the constructed element. As a creative, I look at the out-crest of creativity in arts as a flexible format in which ideas can be desired in visual, spoken and performance, focusing on ranging outcomes. While my base is very figurative at times, there is abstraction and dialogue that is integral to how it is understood.

For this group exhibition, my work has travelled an interesting, largely unanticipated discovery in personal space. Works have navigation through firstly Charcoal Portraits working with spirit connection, healing essences in spirit and distance healing. I wanting to develop that part of me that connects with the energies of Spirit Guides, finding personal process and pride in relationship to them through other artistic explorations across domains including dance, drum, percussion, song and writing.

I’ve learnt to explore my own understanding of therapeutic values with trajectories, in Art therapy, energy healing, connections with media and colour, instating simple energy setting commencing into, maintaining through and consulting with spirit agreed ends to process in work creation. This has been an interesting dialogue for me in the domain of creating in flow with the energy. Creation has included word focused explorations with water on watercolour canvases, soul diagrams and spirit guides. The role of writing word and channeled connections to causal and shared energies, wanting to work together in harmony for good cause and personal growth, are fluid words to surface that dimension of practice.


For me, interconnection of number energy with a very preliminary understanding of history, is inherent in the energy with 3, 7 and 4, with also 10 and 12 being of focus. I am looking more at the notion of sacred contact points, an already developed long-term engagement with hand gesture off the page and how measurement and symbols are favoured as well as markmaking resurfacing for Spirit wishing to convey clear messages clairaudiently, and also in visual account.

The Painter arises again in process, with simple connection to meditation, soul exploration and dimensions of expression, using the movement off the page. I hope that everyone has an opportunity to come to the exhibition to do the Soul Engagement Meditation, with mirrors supplied in the gallery space.

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