Erin is an Australian artist and Teaching Professional. She studied both Fine Arts and Art Education at COFA, UNSW, along with studies at Julian Ashton Art School. She has an wide teaching background across settings, and with a Healing background in Holistic modalities and art practice. Her writing is also a part of her driven practice as Artist, Teacher & Empath.


Working across drawing and painting media, Erin creates in watercolour, oils, pastel and charcoal. Currently, she is particularly drawn to the medium of charcoal, seeing markmaking in this media as therapeutic and allowing for the atmosphere she intends in her work. The qualities of charcoal painting allow for an unfolding and an escape for both the viewer and the artist.


Erin's work is evocative and at times takes on the presence of altar to human experience. Artistically, her objectscapes reflect a sourcing of inner and outer worlds, with a combination of still life objects and the imaginative. Whimsy and frivolity characterise some subjects, with others showcasing serious undertones.


Erin draws on her interest in spiritual place and the space-between also find presence in her work, along with her ongoing romance with dance and performance. Her most recent works reflect the questioning of stigmas associated with health conditions. She is interested in the qualities of written word coupled with signature objects, and how these together bring forward relation, empathy and understanding. This extends on her previous responses to poetry and the senses. Erin enjoys writing for process as an extension of her visual art, as well as engaging with art-as-therapy and visualisation practices. More recently, Erin has looked to developing portraits as a form of healing.


Her make up as a water sign & Empath extends to the roots of her name meaning: "peace", "pure" and "sea". In her work the subtlety of movement and the consciousness of water finds itself present. In connection to spirit - " I am the purity of a peaceful sea ". 













Working across painting and drawing media has led me back to working in charcoal, with a building of portraits. 


For me, there is an energy build in working with this art form, from the on set of draftmanship, blocking in, and refining 'likeness'. The purity of the charcoal as powder, particle building - also relates to what the portrait gives surface to.

I am aware that the grief and personal connection that clients and family members experience is a very different experience to what I experience in situ and as an energetic sympathy. Noone can really appreciate that relationship to "lost loved ones" in my perception through the artmaking experience, but also, in the connection it gives to family as I work on building their presence visually on paper. 


Working with greyscale, and 'light' gives surface to a range of conversations beyond the deckled paper and the unveiling of a drawing as not-just a simple rendition. To work with stylisation & embellishment as a transaction would 'pause' and thus hinder that energetic understanding. For me the pure representation guided by energy, visual accuracy and spirit guidance is paramount. For me, sustaining process rather than a more rapid finish overall has allowed me to connect with the energies behind the work and work holistically, with healing adjacent and with work creation. For this reason though, the pace  I work with towards this personal space - allows more regular responses and intervals to give resolve to the portraits, in practice.


Drawn from my art website is a trusim in practice, as a contemporary fine arts engagement and with acknowledgement of Metaphysical concepts driving, and as basis for creation.


"    For me there is no separation between the artist, the world and the page. The very paper that we create on, the materials we use.. everything is energy. The work is an extension of my own energy and spiritual world. What we create is just a different state and that in itself has potential energy for more transactions. We are connected by every atom, every movement and every action. "


The transaction is a multi-facted understanding with acknowledgement that kinetics also redefine the self and it's perimeters, working with spiritual premise and the notions of time, healing and soul awareness for family, their perception, for the departed loved one as part of evolving belief -systems, and my self as an evolving person [ and soul ] with healing and sensitivity to spirit.


Working towards exhibition, I will be exhibiting a series of Portraits this year, along with Watercolour Abstractions that vivify my soul awareness 'in concept' and also drawings as responses to spiritual energies for working-process. I am always finding space for a  personal belief system, with active nurture by spirit, learning from diverse concepts of 'essence' across cultural beliefs and religious domains, with a willingness to see beauty and positivity in the some of all that attribute goodness, and to see the warrior in myself in the witness and experience of unjust action and situations of suffering.








Current Practice

Recent & Upcoming Exhibitions


2018 - Spiritual Self & Soul Path -

               Project Contemporary Art Space

2016 - Starlight, Bankstown Arts Centre

2015 - Caravan of Objects, Bankstown Arts Centre

2014 - Stardust, Bankstown Arts Centre















About Erin's Practice







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